Reading the city: stockholm

September - December 2014
Course: Contemporary Urban Design
Contribution: Mapping, graphics, presenting, research
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS

What makes a city? Using the 10 lenses identified by Joan Busquets in Cities X Lines: A New Lens for the Urbanistic Project (2007), our group chose to examine Stockholm. We analyzed the types of urban design strategies that have built the city that exists today. These strategies have included retrofitting historical areas, the redevelopment of underperforming sites, speculative and innovative ventures, as well as creating multiplied grounds, or hierarchical layers to the city fabric such as underground tunnels. We also examined the types of forces and underlying theories that are evident in proposed urban projects in the city. We performed demographic analyses, historical background research, as well as mapped out the settlement growth patterns of Stockholm over 95 years. 

Group Members: Aileen Muan, Martin Ceralde