September - December 2015
Client: Park People
Course: Advanced Planning Studio II | PLG720
Contribution: team leadership, project management, presenting, mapping, writing, editing
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, ArcGIS

Working with the charitable organization, Park People, I acted as a project manager for a group of 12 students who produced a comprehensive opportunities and constraints document that explored possible ideas to be implemented along the Green Line. The Green Line is a potential 5km linear park and multi-use trail planned to be built in an under-utilized utility corridor in Toronto, ON. The parcels of land that make up the future Green Line currently consist of vacant lots, derelict playgrounds, dangerous road crossings, and parking lots. As a group, we identified opportunities to connect these spaces, beautify them, and make them safer, through art, a multi-use trail, lighting, and urban agriculture. We reviewed applicable policies and best practices from around the world and analyzed the existing physical and social infrastructure to re-imagine the line as a gathering spaceactive transportation corridor, and urban agricultural hub

Group Members: Paolo Brindley-Pantalone, Michael Dziekiewicz, Christopher Barrientos Ferrari, Nicole Hausman, James Hunter, Nadine Khouri, Amanda Knutson, Andy Lam, Kerby MacInnis, Aileen Muan, Jeffrey Takeuchi