Below are a few samples of my writing from over the course of my education. These pieces are in addition to my written and editorial contributions to group reports such as The Green Line, Right-of-Way Occupancy Fees, and Mimico-Judson

City of regina: development levies

November 2015
Course: Municipal Finance | PLG420

I wrote a mock staff report to the Executive Committee of the City of Regina making recommendations on the City's Servicing Agreement Fees and Development Levies for infill development. This report was timely with the City's motion to remove the infill Development Levy exemption zone in October of 2015. My recommendations support the City's objectives and strategic goals outlined in the Official Community Plan, Design Regina (2013). 

washington, D.c. - advisory neighbourhood commissions

March 2015
Course: American Urban History | HST716

I wrote a paper on the effectiveness of the Advisory Neighbourhood Commissions in Washington, D.C. and their impact on development in the city. I reviewed case law, legislation, policies, and development proposals to form my argument.